Looking on over the mischief

I was trying to work with Miss K and Mr S on some thinking educational games. First we played Memory Matching Pictures, where you have the cards face down, choose two and if they are the same, you win them. Mr S has been playing this for a while, so I thought Miss K, positioned in the same way, could take her lead from him. Also they were learning to take turns. The second game involved coloured boxes marked on the floor with differing coloured tapes. Then they have litte tiles to colour match to the boxes. Both have played this before, but were rather distracted for some reason.


Puzzled expressions all round! I look to where their eyes are staring to see Mr B climbing in the cushions cupboard. I knew he was there, but they were totally distracted by him. When he started to swing the door open and closed, disappearing and reappearing with a grin and giggle, that had both of them doing the same.


I saw I was going to get very little further compliance of focus from them at this point, so I just made sure they were in good posture to greater improve their head control skills.

Mr B was actually working really hard both physically and in the problem solving he was doing. When he was done, he started to try and lift the wedges back into the cupboard and throw lighter cushions in.


He creates chaos and havoc, but at least he was not inside self harming to get attention.

Nicola Anderson

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  1. Great initiative and wonderful to see the children feeding off each other’s behaviours even if it wasn’t quite what was planned.

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