Meeting the New Boss and feeling hopeful

Nicola writes:

Got to meet with the boss of the orphanage, who arrived while I was in England. She was very nice and we were both finally pleased to meet each other, after the first week of my being in Thailand had gone by so quickly, without our meeting being possible.

She was quite keen to know of my experience working on the ward and what I thought about the care. She directly asked if I had seen any aggression to the children. To this I gave an honest answer that I used to see much more and that generally things seemed that more staff were not doing what they used to.

She told me she was going to share in the quarterly meeting that she had seen staff moving children without holding them supportively and that this was not acceptable. We talked about what was right and what was not. I hoped that this would shake up staff to carry the children better.

Carrying welll 1

Carrying welll 2

She then told me I was to report what I see to the social worker (who was in our meeting also) who would report it to her every time.

Please pray for her relationship balance with the staff and for her to have wisdom on what issues to approach and how to manage them.

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  1. A good move in the best direction for all the children. I hope you will see benefits of this positive approach.

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