Merci to my French teacher

I received a kind message from my former secondary school French teacher this week to share that she promoted the work of 1Step2Step with the young people she teaches now.

She posted….

‘We’ve been celebrating International Women’s Day at school and we had to tell our pupils about an inspirational woman. I told my classes about you, starting with when I first met you in my first year of teaching and your first year at Ripley, and telling them what you are doing now! You are an inspiration! ‘

This was so sweet of her and totally unexpected. I hope that our small story affected the hopes of some of those girls in that school back in Lancaster. I asked if she had added that I have dyslexia, so that even the least academic of her students could relate and she added…

‘I did tell them that if they thought they could never do what you’re doing now, you would probably have said the same at their age. We talked a lot about seeing things that can be done, things that need to change and then having the determination to make that change happen.’

We are now talking about my going in to speak with these young ladies when I’m back to the UK in April. I hope this works out. I’m excited to hear what their futures hold.

Thank you, Madame Bettsworth, for sharing about the work of 1Step2Step. Thank you for your support and friendship all these many years later. Continue to inspire the younger generation to great things. Thank you.

Nicola Anderson

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