Miss A’s busy culture filled week

Miss A was nominated as the ward’s Miss Loi Krathong Festival Princess. This involved her being dressed in full Thai traditional dress and being photographed. Each ward or department of the orphanage entered a little girl’s picture and people voted. Then there was a parade where the nominated little misses of each ward were on mini carnival floats using ‘salengs’, which are cycle-peddled carts. These were decorated and looked stunning.


Miss A and a ward mum sat on our sweet yellow festival float in the parade and then in the competition. She did well and stayed happy throughout, but alas didn’t win this time. She looked so very sweet with her outfit on and jewellery. She was given the title of ‘Little Miss High So’. She enjoyed a picture with the winner though.



After the competition, Miss A and the other entrants participated in the traditional floating of the Loi Krathongs. These are pieces of palm tree trunk with banana tree leaf decorations and flowers. Miss A really loved the water part and was leaning to reach and splash them.



The next day, she slept all morning, which was great because she had a special treat in the afternoon. It was her turn for her culture night date. This is when one of the children and I go to a show or concert at the international school. It’s about them getting one-to-one attention in a music filled theatre experience.


Our kind friend sent her driver to transport us and we were blessed with a seat that gave you a massage. Miss A was on my lap, but could clearly feel it too and found it fun.  We often arrive just at the last moment for these things, so I organised with our friend for her driver to collect us with plenty of time, but this was rather too early. We arrived with an hour and a half to spare! We had a walk to the school cafe, a play on the playground and even a chat with friends at a bake sale table. While having a drink as we waited, Miss A had a wetting accident that thankfully did not get on her red festive dress, but on me and the leggings. Leggings take two and all fresh in new nappies and then we were off to the playground. At the playground, there was this sort of handle that moved like a very short horizontal zip line. Miss A found this loads of fun, with me holding her while she held the bar going back and forth. Giggles galore!


We went to the show and took our seats. A friend gave her the program and this time she didn’t throw it for ages, even though I was ready to catch it. I took it away at one point but her face said to give it back. She played with it for a while and then looked at me and threw it to the far side.


For some of the time she stayed in her chair and other times on my lap. Sometimes she tapped her hand along to the music and watched and at other times she was seeking mischief. I noticed while she was on my lap at one point that it got warm in this cold air-conditioned room and I instantly knew we needed a full change this time. We slipped out the side door and I got her changed into a full new dress, this time in pink, black and white with matching accessories. We headed back in after not missing too much and then it was the interval.


She enjoyed the show and the sounds and playing hand games with me. Once it was finished, it was time for home. We went back in my friend’s amazing car and she was very giggly.


It was clear Miss A was tired, but she enjoyed it.

I’m so very grateful to many people…. Zuzanna for the sweet little Thai outfit for the Loi Krathong festival for Miss A to wear, Casey and her driver for the help with transport to the show and the massage, NNR and ISB for inviting us and the students for putting on such a well prepared and performed show. The kindness of so many friends coming over to say ‘hi’ to Miss A gave her that added social element.

I pray the memories last for ever and give her a sense of her value and worth.

Nicola Anderson.




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