Miss K back in a cast again

Miss K has been out of the original cast for about three months now, but alas, although I stretch and position her when I’m at work, for the other 21 hours when I’m not working with her, she is taken out of the cushioning and left in any position. This has caused her brain to resort to pulling the legs back into the bad position that’s caused the dislocation in the first place.

Miss K in a bad posture

All these hours I could do very little about were significantly frustrating. I would work hard through her moaning and sometimes screaming and crying to get her muscles stretched and well positioned. I would get to the point where her legs were well aligned and she was out of discomfort only to find her back in a terrible state the next day or even the next hour.

Using a cushion

At every visit to the doctor or the hospital physio, they would explain to me and the ward mum again how essential it was that she stayed with her legs in an abducted position. We tried using a brace, but this was not fitted for her and with the lack of being moved she got some mild pressure sores. Then we would use the cushion, but when my back was turned or I left for the night, it would be removed.


We struggled like this and with miscommunication of when her follow-up appointments were, and time drew on without any way to position her well that the ward staff would use. The nurse, the physios and I just continued to try to stretch her out and position her well.


She went to an appointment I could not attend and came back in this new cast. The doctor explained that the hip has moved negatively and that because the brace she was fitted for in mid-December is still not ready, he had to put her back in a cast so it could not move further.


She still comes out every day and the area of the hip that can be accessed gets massaged as often as possible. She spends time in different positions varying the areas affected by the weight and working other muscles that are prone to get tight. Sadly she also has now got a pressure sore on her sacrum from being stuck in one position when I’m not there to turn her over on her front or sit her up. We still play on the wedge, peanut ball and other things and she joins in the activities the others are doing.


At 11.00 the phsyio from Bann feung fah comes to collect her and she heads for PT. She does very similar activities to what she does with me in this one-hour session.


Your prayers for this situation would be greatly received. Pray that the care givers will show more concern and that Miss K will gain the new muscle memory of how to stay in good postures. Please pray for the healing of her pressure sore and that in this month (with the cast on) she can gain some weight.

Nicola Anderson.

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  1. I hope the pressure sore is getting better. It’s good to see that she still has her lovely smile and infectious laugh much of the time. Praying for healing in the body and an acceptance of the discomfort that the cast causes, knowing that it is to her benefit in the long run.

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