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Recently one of the physios has floated the idea of Miss K being assessed for hip surgery. Her left leg turns in significantly, which not only puts her body off balance, it also increases the curve in her spine. On Friday this week, she will meet with the visiting doctor and be considered for surgery to correct her hip’s position. There is a waiting list and so this is the first step to joining it and then possibly getting it sorted.


Please join us in praying for her to be confirmed as a good candidate and then the timing of this to suit when I’m back from the UK and can give her the support needed and she can get the physio input that is required after this type of surgery.


She is a bundle of sweetness when up to mischief or jolly and happy, but if life is hard she can loose that sweet demeanor. Please also pray for her understanding of the possibility of surgery and how it will help her in the long run if she is able to get it.


God has plans for each of these children. We place her successes and progress in his hands and ask for wisdom for the doctors.

Latest update:

The doctor said she was a great case for surgery because her scoliosis is not fixed and only muscular at present, which means getting treatment now could correct later issues. He also said she was of good nature and understanding which would help her for recovery. He was happy to put her on the waiting list and she would probably have surgery to correct the hip position in September (as he was willing to take into account that in August she was going on holiday).

Nicola Anderson


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  1. Great news. Praying everything will work out time wise and the op will be successful for her when it comes.

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