Miss K’s cast is off


On the way to the hospital, Miss K was apprehensive and not raising many smiles, but ok when she got there and was waiting.

The x-ray of her hips was good and she was able have the plaster cast removed. I took the ear defenders with me and they did the trick in helping her cope with the noise. There was no crying from her, just the odd grumpy sound. The surgical wounds were healed up very nicely and neatly and I was finally able to get to see the two pressure sores caused by the cast rubbing on her back. One is almost healed and the other, now I can access and treat it, should be ok soon. She had a quick wash to get the plaster dust off, but not a full wash because her little legs were so weak and stiff.

She had a quick assessment from the physiotherapist, who advised about angles for her legs and what she should and should not be doing.


As we waited for the orphanage minibus to come to get us, she played with others.

She sat well in the stroller, but it all looked so weird without the cast. Her legs are also very vunerable and need supporting and cradling carefully when carrying her. She is a lot lighter without the cast as you can imagine. She did loose some weight, so we start the task of feeding her up again.


The journey back was tiring for me, but we made it and she is sleeping in a cot to protect her from other children and for staff to remember she is fragile. I gave her some pain meds before I headed out of work yesterday.

I arrived this morning and started with her having a shower, her first in a month. The main aim was to get her rid of the dead skin on her legs. A massage with coconut oil helped with that too. She had some time in the bean bag, then the lazy boy chair and then back to the ward to her cot for some more prone time to give her pressure sore a break.

She is doing well and most of the time, once well positioned, is not getting in to bad positions that result in strains. She is reasonably loose and we need to build up that strength.

It would be wonderful if you can pray for gentle management of her in this season of strength building and recovery, as well as a positive attitude from her, to make patient caring for her easier.

Nicola Anderson.



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  1. Miss K was in my prayer cycle today so your post is a real cause for praise to the Lord. Thank you for showing his love to the children.

  2. Great that she I’d now out of the cast and ble to start the road to full recovery. Praying that all involved with her will take time and care of her weakened body and allow full healing.

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