Miss N

It’s with great sadness that I pass on the news I received late on Sunday evening 8th November 2020 that Miss N had passed away on the previous Friday.  She had become ill a few days before and was taken to hospital, where sadly she didn’t get better from her stomach bug.

Miss N was not a young lady who was happy to merge into the background. Most days, as soon as I walked into the ward, she would be shouting for my attention and when she got it, she would beam from ear to ear. Miss N’s body posture was always very tight, particularly her legs, and the more passionate she got about things, the more her tone would increase.

Many of the stretching activities she needed to do would be sat, supported up against me, facing away, in order to get the desired benefit, but Miss N would arch and crane her neck to be looking at me and often reaching for my face and eye contact. These exercises were always so much easier when I was in front of her, when I had a volunteer to help.

Miss N’s second love was food. She would always spot if food was nearby and she would make it known she wanted it, even after having a full bowl already. She loved the corn snacks and oat bars, chocolate and in fact most foods.

She had a curious nature and would manoeuvre herself on the mat to try and get things she had spotted. She loved sitting together with others on the big peanut ball.

It is hard to get news of someone’s passing when you’re far away and to know you can’t attend the funeral. I heard that it was scheduled for the Wednesday following her passing, but it actually happened on the Tuesday, because then her dad was able to attend. I know very little about how it went, but I am told that her dad was from up country and a fieldworker and he attended alone. I ask you to keep her father and any other family members in your prayers at this time, as it’s got to be hard to receive that phone call out of the blue.

On the holiday, I remember one night when Miss N and Mr C fell asleep holding hands and we captured that sweet friendship. I pray they are reunited in heaven in peace and rest again.

I know now that Miss N is no longer restricted in her movements or in pain from her muscle cramps or dislocated hip. I know she is no longer spending her time hoping for more food or on a mat waiting for attention. God bless her sweet nature and sweet smiles. I will miss them loads. Rest in peace Miss N.

Nicola Anderson


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  1. A lovely tribute to a beautiful young lady. Thank you. I have lovely memories of her which you have captured so well.

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