Miss ND’s first school performance


The school have been really pleased with Miss ND (our community buddy) who has received two superstar awards since October. I wrote about the first one in a previous post (Improvements every day for Miss ND, our community friend) but the most recent one was for trying so hard and singing well in practices for the Christmas school show.


In the show, she was in the dragonfly dance with a beautiful dress, head band and wings. Her wheelchair was adorned in tinsel and with all the other children she did so well.


I was not able to attend, as that was the day we did the cleaning and sorting of the cupboards while I had help. I received word from a friend whose child also goes to the school saying…

”The school production was called No Buzz Billy. General synopsis: a bee who didn’t buzz like the other bees, but the other insect creatures accept him and point out to the other bees who had been unkind of all the good traits and strengths of Billy. The skit ends with friends surrounding Billy and claiming friendship.

Miss ND was, I believe, a flower fairy. …she was on the stage with everybody and sang along with group songs. For her class, with her gaggle of gals, Miss ND was in the centre of the stage in her chair waving wands of butterflies/bees while the other girls danced around her.

By her smile, I could tell she was singing loudly and proudly. She was included on stage and even brought CENTRE stage in the celebration.

Her Mum and Dad were there and supported her proudly. It’s a change from the little shy girl at the badminton club to the little girl on stage with so many friends.

On the 20th she will have her surgery and I will be going with her as a support. The class teacher from school emailed Isabelle (the lady who originally met the family and sought to help them) and I last week regarding her surgery and hospital stay. She was asking if children from the class could visit her while she is in. It was sweet that they cared so much about their new buddy. The difficulty is she is only expected to be in hospital at the most overnight.


We suggested making cards and video messages for her instead. We were thinking about making a little montage of clips while we are there for her friends to see when she is home. The discomfort from the surgery should not last too long, maybe up to a few weeks and the dressings on the wounds will be really small.

Please pray for her recovery and the treatment’s success to improve her ability to walk. Also pray that she keeps her determined nature and keeps active while recovering, so that the muscles do not tighten.

An update on how the treatment goes will follow, but I could not resist sending you these sweet Christmas show pictures. I was so sad not to be able to attend it, but I’m glad she was brave and went on and did well.

Nicola Anderson.


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