Mr B battles on

Another update from Nicola Anderson in Thailand:

“Mr B had a very sleepy morning, but this afternoon he worked hard trying and trying again to succeed.

Sometimes, to change the activity of walking with his walker, I add cushions on the mesh seat. Today he wanted to put it back on after it fell off. He worked so hard trying to work through all the different problems, like the walker rolling away, the cushion hitting the handle bars and the strap of the cushion getting caught. At one point he was ready to give up, but then he strives on. Some days his mood can be so unsettled that he would have got frustrated, but today he just laughed off the challenges and carried on. The pride on his face when he finally gets the cushion on and gets to his feet is precious.

Some of you might be thinking ‘Why doesn’t she help him?’. The best way of learning with this young man and his temperament is to let him try to solve problems and work them out for himself. I was carefully monitoring how happy or stressed he was becoming and I would have got involved if he was not coping, but this way he is left pleased with himself.”

Here are some excerpts from the video recording…


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  1. Wonderful. He has made fantastic progress and we all have off days. Good days far outshine the challenging ones now and he can do so much more for himself. Just learning that persistence pays off is great.

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