Mr B gets his date night in the afternoon

Mr B and I went to see the same show that Miss A had been to see the night before: a great show called ‘Anything Goes’ performed by the students. The musical with all its singing and dancing was great.


Back to the beginning though. Mr B was waiting ready to put on his jeans and polo shirt before heading out. He loved the car and the massage seat so much, he was super quiet with only a little twitch once in a while. When we arrived, he was reluctant to get out.


We got out and headed in with time to spare to get comfy. Mr B sat on his theatre seat, checking out the swing base and the one next to him. When the NNR ladies came over and friends from church, he was great at greeting them with the customary Thai ‘wai’ and he was very relaxed.


The lights went down and the show started. He held my hand while looking around curiously. As the students sang and danced, I helped him clap at the right times and he started to like this and one time was clapping without my help.


He did fidget a bit, wanted some milk, to sit on my lap, the floor or stand with his walker at times. He was at times a little distracted, but looked up often when the music changed and some voices held him more than others. He didn’t make any of his loud or stressful noises, so I knew he was coping. In the interval I thought a little walk would help get the wiggles out of him, but it just got his trousers to fall down. This was because of a nappy change being needed. I managed to change him in the bathroom in the break and we got back to our chairs just in time for Act Two.


As the second act drew to an end, Mr B must have sensed it, as he started to get emotional and tears were coming from his eyes. He was not angry or stressed, just captured by the applause and atmosphere in the room, I think.


The tears were few and short-lived once the show was over. He headed out with the kind help of our NNR friend and her children and waited for the car. It arrived and Mr B was happy to get another massage. This time he was a little more vocal with his cooing happy sounds. The driver said both the kiddos were really sweet.

When we got back, Mr B was happy to get undressed put on a ward t-short and head inside for himself, but then he heard me ask about his milk and so returned outside to receive it at a place where the ward mums sit. He was so very calm.

It was a real pleasure to take him out. He gets easier and easier to manage. I remember the first few trips with him were so hard. In the cars he was bouncing all over the place squirming and when walking in the place we were visiting, he would fidget and grab and hit himself as he got more and more overwhelmed. We would just manage the behaviour and with every trip we would note the progress that he was making by showing less anxiety or demonstrating improved behaviour. Today, though, really impressed me, as the show required not much less than two hours of being quiet and still. He did amazingly and I’m thankful to all who prayed for us.

Again, I’m thankful to Casey for the car, the driver’s assistance and massage (which was a highlight for Mr B for sure), to NNR and ISB and the students for again presenting a fun and entertaining show.

Nicola Anderson

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  1. Oh so good to see. Isnt he growing? Well done x

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