Mr B’s head injury

At night, Mr B sleeps in a high sided cot, because he has a tendency to roam about and leave the room, due to his ability to move and his inquisitive nature.

He has a tendency, when in the cot, to self harm and cause injury to his head. On odd occasions, the side is left down as he never falls or climbs out when it is down – but also does not self harm because he doesn’t feel trapped.

This morning though, before I had even arrived at work, he did something new… He decided to slide the mattress off the edge of the cot which he was sitting on… which caused him to fall and crack his head open.

He went to hospital and had 6 stitches after a little resistance – which needed 8 adults to assist him to receive treatment.

At lunch time, I arrived at the hospital after seeing to the needs of many of the others; he was all cleaned up and had stitches but was seeking some sympathy.

Please pray for his healing and that we manage keeping the dressings on the wound. When I left this evening, he was distracted by the sock puppets we had placed on his hands and so was not bothered by the dressing.

Pray also we will find a new way to manage his behaviour within a safely managed way. Pray about his impulsive ways.

walking sling

P.S. A little positive to add. Someone donated a walking harness today like the one pictured and we tried it and he liked it. Walking without holding on is the next step. Freedom to grab for anything he can reach while walking…. yikes. I’m pleased for him though as he looked really impressed with himself.

Nicola Anderson

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  1. seen the wound and presently its got a harry potter sort of feel.

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