Mr G gets one-to-one time and a dose of culture


Back in December, Mr C and Miss N both had the chance to go alone with me to concerts in the local international school. Yesterday it was Mr G’s turn. The one-to-one attention and feeling special is something the children all crave, but is hard to give them. Picked up from the orphanage by my friend in his comfy car and sat with me in the back, he was so calm, still and cooing. If you know Mr G, his disability does not make sitting still to be natural. With his arms crossed and a grin across his face, he enjoyed the short journey to the school. We arrived and sat at the front.


A massive choir of students from a mixture of schools sang songs in four different languages. He sat in his chair and then on my lap for a spell and then back in his chair to prevent him getting restless. He watched well and enjoyed the Africa song most with its actions. He managed the whole concert without any outbursts, but as it finished and many people moved to the door near us, he got overwhelmed. We went out to have some of the cake that had been provided, but he was still unsettled by all the people. Brian came and picked us up and the crying stopped quickly. He did so well and the stress at the end was understandable. I was so impressed with him and he was so cute.


The trip had gone so well and then I was blessed to get to go back to Brian’s and Maria’s house for a lovely social evening with other friends too. This capped off a nice day of dealing with a lot of house tasks, a little work for the greater good of one of the children and lots of laughs with friends (as well as nice food).

Thank you to the school for a great event and for welcoming us and thanks to my friend Jessica for telling me about it and Brian for helping us go.


May God remind Mr G of this and help him remember that he is truly loved, especially in the times when the busyness of caring for many reduces the quality of personal contacts. Thanks to God for helping me manage Mr G’s emotions and experience the whole concert.

Nicola Anderson

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  1. Well done one and all, including Mr G. Praise to the the Supreme Mr G for His Love.

  2. Well done Nic. A special day xx

  3. Great that he could have a wonderful happy experience with you and glad the day was good for you as well.

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