Mr G is giant

Today I noticed Mr G is getting rather tall and this thought led to a notion that maybe he was now tall enough for the standing frame.


It has been said that he really needs to be weight bearing and getting the stretch, but he was just too small for the knee block of the stander. He hates the alternative stretching and I’ve had to be creative to get it into his play sessions.


Mr G has been doing his standing with me for a while now, but we don’t manage more than 10 or 15 minutes really. I would support his waist and lock his feet and knees, but this really was a back breaker.


Well I’m pleased to announce that Mr G is finally tall enough for the stander.

He went in today for the first time and was fine with it for about 25 minutes. This time will get longer as he gets used to it and sees its value.


Now he will have to share it with Mr C, whom I can see has gained noticable strength improvements from it, and Mr B. Everyone else (Misses K and N and Mr S all have hip issues, making the stander not possible, but Miss K will get to go in it once her hip is sorted and strengthened.

Today Mr G played with ice in the bowl and watched bubbles.


Mr C sat in the stroller cheering him on every splash of the ice cold water.


Please pray for all the children’s hips. Please pray that they will be willing to do the necessary stretching to maintain the muscles around the joints and get into better posture habits while resting in the ward. For those who can do standing, pray they maintain the hip strength, so they can continue to benefit from it.  This is always a challenge for children with cerebral palsy and especially with those who spend much of their time in postures that make the legs windswept.


Your prayers are always appreciated.


Nicola Anderson.

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  1. This is a great noticeable improvement and shows just how much he has come on recently. Glad to see he is happy and enjoying doing the wider range of activities that being in the stander allows. Well done Mr G

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