Mr S Update

Mr S struggles at his new home but does not go to his eternal home.


On Monday I got news that Mr S had been sick and on Sunday evening was found by staff, supposedly not with any heart beat and had to be given compressions and oxygen. I was told over the phone that he had come round, but was advised to see him as soon as possible. I jumped on my bike and peddled round so fast. He was weak, pale and sad. While he was on oxygen, I asked if he wanted a hug and he did. I scooped him up and his colour improved. I did a bit of percussion and he had a nebulizer treatment.

Each day I’ve been to see him, he has been less and less drained, but still not well. On Wednesday he was not on oxygen, so we sat on a chair just outside the door watching motorbikes and football being played for a little while. He got tired quick. He is thin and has a pressure sore on his sacrum (bottom of spine), so I got cushions (using the floating drink holders they have as pressure sore cushions for elbow and ankles) and got him on his side. He keeps asking me with his eyes to do suction for him, but I’m not permitted to at this home and only the nurses can. It’s hard to know you could relieve his breathing challenge a bit and that the tools to do it are right there, but you aren’t permitted to.


It’s a worry that every day he is getting weaker, but my heart says he has definitely had some amazing days and he knows he was and is loved by many. When I asked if he knew God, he responded that he did. I explained that if he was tired he could go and be with God and rest.

I’ve no idea if he will manage years or just weeks, but I pray and ask you to pray that Christ will speak into his soul and help him fully know the truth of Christ’s love for him and for him to have comfort in his discomfort and difficulty.

Knowing these children are God’s far more than they are mine is a help. Knowing his love for them is massive and that he can and does make sure they feel it is a heart comforter.

Nicola Anderson.



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  1. Praying for peace and for his pain to end when God calls him home. He is much loved by us here but even more by his Father in heaven.

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