Mr S vocational project – painting for others

This is the second time Mr S has helped painting cardboard support chairs for the Physios. These chairs are for a seating rehab project started by one of the Physiotherapists who came to the UK with DAT 2017. They help the babies in the Sick Ward sit up and improve breathing. Once the chairs have been created, Mr S helps paint them. It’s a great activity for him in many ways. He is working in a prone position, so clearing his chest a bit. He is reaching and stretching, using wrists in good alignment as well as looking and considering what still needs to be painted. He chose which one to do first, which colour and what size brush he wanted to use. He got paint everywhere but had fun doing it. Today he worked on five items with help from his trusted sidekick…. me. Mr B helped with delivery of the chairs once they were dried. 

This was a fun way for Mr S to give back to others and boy does he like that feeling of being useful to someone!

Nicola Anderson 



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