New horizons for community buddy

In all the busy activities for the 1Step2Step kids, there has been a morning here or conversation there to aid the success of my little buddy. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you can read about her here. My little Community Case buddy

Since we last shared, Miss ND has been coming on Wednesday mornings for physio and working hard on her sitting balance, standing and walking. I am grateful for the wisdom of many people concerning her case.

We looked into the Thai school for disabled children and that was not possible for her because of not being Thai. We then sought other opions and pursued contacting a wonderful and innovative school just round the corner from her parents’ place of work.


We went for a tour round to see what the school was like and to see if the teachers felt it possible to help her. She got to paint, play in the water corner, make her own toast and join the music and movement class. All these were great, but there was nothing better than watching her join in and excitedly anticipate the bunny wake up and hop moment. She was highly attentive and focused on all the different things.


She was invited to join in lunch time and got to choose from four options and help her self at the salad bar. When sat at the table she started with a piece of broccoli and that got a huge thumbs up, as did the chicken pie she had. As she ate, I asked her what was the best bit of the school visit and she thought for a moment and said the best bit was ‘just coming to the school’. She managed so well and was so happy.

At the end of the visit, Miss ND played in the sand pit and then attempted to get up on the climbing frame and over the rope bridge. All around looked on as the little girl who can’t walk unaided was climbing up a ladder and over a wobbly bridge.


The school offered her a place and the following Monday she started going in the mornings to start with. The timetable is full of learning…. from swim skills class, which will be great for the hips, music class, farm and library.


She was helped by the music teacher to join in the get up and move session and sat with the music making teacher attentively.


She has played on bikes with other children and is having a ball. She is often tired in the afternoon and is going to bed early enough to manage the busy life she has with this wonderful new horizon.


We are presently trying to find the right kind of wheelchair for her, so she can get about more independently and interact with friends more. She also has her follow up appointment on the 20th September, when the doctor will assess the hips again and consider surgery. The cost of the surgery is really high, but we shall wait and see if it’s needed or not. Also we need to get her some splints for her feet and a walker sorted.

Things have changed for the mum too… in order to support her child, the mum asked her boss for reduced hours, but the boss was unwilling, so the parents have gone for sending their daughter to school over a low paid job.

She is doing so well and her English is getting better, with a broad range of new words being learned weekly.

I’m so pleased with this little one and her awesome parents who would raise the roof for her if they could afford it. Please pray for her and her mum as they adjust for a different day and for energy for both.

Watch this space for updates and please pray like mad for cheaper surgery to be all that’s required and that we find the funds.


I just love how much she loves being a school girl.

Nicola Anderson.


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