New little girl joins the team

When I heard Mr S was moving to the older children’s home and was probably not going to be allowed to come on the holiday, I started to consider other children. As I was pondering over this, I saw that a toy had been left in the ward by another charity and this little miss was playing with it and focused on it. She looked to have a spark and be very small compared to others. I thought maybe I could work to help her gain strength and control.

I asked permission for her to be the substitute for Mr S when the decision was made about the holiday and she was permitted. I have subsequently asked for her to be permitted to join my group.

Introducing Miss A

Miss A was on the sick ward before due to complications with her Diabetes in her earlier years, but they felt she was healthy enough to move out. Her feeding is no easy task, but even in the last three weeks of working with her I can see progress, largely due to the consistancy and determination of Becky, who was her volunteer for the holiday. We have a method for feeding that is working and are able to add in supplimentary milk feeds with a syringe too.

She has enthusiam and the will to explore things. For example, today she caught hold of a plastic bag the fan had blown near her and got the other two little ones interested, so they were all moving and reaching for the bag.


She had a great time on the holiday, experiencing loads of great things and bonding with the rest of the group. She is using one of the SEN strollers from the last Pedro container and it fits her wonderfully.


This little miss is starting her time with me with a big situation in her life which needs careful managment. She will be going into hospital on the 4th September, which is so soon and will be there for maybe a month. She is having hip surgery. Please pray for a calm nature, reduced pain and strength to endure it all. Please pray also for my travel back and forth.

Miss K will be also admitted to hospital, but not at the same time, so instead of having two in at the same time and it being a manic one month, it will be manic month and a half no doubt. They will overlap for about two weeks maybe, which should be fine. I have managed more at the same time than this, so we will see.

So… welcome and all the best to the Miss A as she relaxes after the holiday and prepares for a challenging time in a strange place.

Nicola Anderson


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  1. Lovely to ‘meeet’ the newest member of 1s2s. Looking forward to hearing more about her progress and praying her surgery goes well and happens soon.

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