New Year Sports Day Celebrations

Bann Feung Fah (the orphanage in Thailand) celebrates the New Year with a Sports Day every year. With the colder weather, this year’s was different. This time it was not on the field and the competitions were restricted to short distances as space in the open air events room was limited. Cheerleaders did their dances and chants making the event a lively session. Mr B walked pushing Mr C’s chair and Mr S used his electric wheelchair. We were on the yellow team. Mr C was so comfortable watching, he fell asleep. Mr B didn’t fancy sitting on the floor, so we borrowed a wheelchair for him and he was wheeling himself around. Mr S was enjoying watching the fun, but was also watching cars go by and giving me the eye to go see cars at the gate.

We had some rattles decorated in yellow from our old space blankets and others from our ward enjoyed playing with those too. It was great to see some of the strollers from the Pedro UK container helping children sit up so well and see them really watching well. Sadly, we don’t get to participate in the races and challenges, but it’s my hope that one day we will.

We went for a short walk to watch traffic at the orphanage gate and then met some visitors on our return whose child had a question about the disabilities our children have. A child’s sweet question: ‘How come they have legs, but can’t walk?’ I prefer this question to than the one I hear more often which is: ‘Can’t he walk?’ This one is sort of obvious, because i would not be pushing them in wheelchairs or strollers if they could. The child’s question was a really sensible one. I explained that our brains tell our muscles to move to make us walk, but that with the difficulties our children have, the messages from the brain don’t get to the muscles correctly, so walking is really difficult. Mr S was proud to show his alternative skills as a techno whiz controlling his wheelchair’s joystick. When the fun, food and party were over, all were tired.

I was too and my back was aching. I worked with the other three in the ward doing stretching, sitting and a little extra feeding.

That evening was the staff party. Food, music, singing and the all important receiving of your prize from the whole staff lucky draw. This year I won a fan, but switched with one of the ward mum’s prize, as she had pans. I was thinking I could do with some pans, as mine is old and ruined. I would not have wanted to try and get a fan home on my bike. When the celebration was over, it was sweet of the boss to add in two more extra prizes out of his own pocket. The staff all seemed to have a enjoyable evening.

Praise God for a most productive year and a positive impact from our efforts. We would value your prayers for the coming year and the events we hope to complete then. We are grateful to all for the support in the sad times, as well as the joys.

God bless you all with a wonderful New Year of 2018 (or 2561 using the Thai calendar).

Nicola Anderson


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