One in and one out…

…but still no one is in a cast.

After thinking Miss A was having surgery, it seems she was having a treatment to assess her swallowing, as the hospital doctors are concerned about her low body weight. The results of that diagnostic test are not back yet, but the hip surgery is put off until we can get her weight up. It was said that she will go home tomorrow (Friday 14 September 2018).


On the other hand, Miss K left Bann Feung Fah at 6:30 this morning. A ward mum and I were with her and others to take her to be admitted. She was fussing over her food in the morning. We managed to get some food in her while we waited and then when she was admitted, she became rather anxious, so when having food she got stressed and threw up what we had got down. After her third shower of the day at 2:00 in the afternoon, she was in her bed next to Miss A. They played with toys separately and Miss A even came to hang out at Miss K’s cot side (with a mighty strong grip). It is definitely not easy to deal with two such high maintenance little ladies.


Miss K’s surgery is set for next Monday. We went down to the physio for assessment, as Miss A had done on her admission day and the physio stated that her alignment is so bad, that is what is causing her to be limited in her abilities. She was impressed with her cross-legged assisted sitting and head control and could clearly see that she is a bright little thing, even though she can’t yet do most of the gross motor skills on the list. I’m grateful for that, as it gives me hope that with surgery to get these hips sorted and legs better, the rest could follow, so abilities and strength with alignment could be possible.


Anyway, as neither child was in a cast at this point, I came home instead of staying at the hospital. I will stay over Friday to Saturday with whoever is there… Miss K or Miss K and Miss A. Please pray Miss K will get over her eating challenges as Miss A has, respond to get strong for the surgery and that both will have fallen asleep calmly.

Please also continue to pray for energy for me too.

Nicola Anderson


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