Painting fun with Anna and Chris

Blessed with two extra sets of hands, Nicola worked with Chris and Anna, who started their first day doing painting and hair cuts. The morning was messy and fun, creating the elephant prints on recycled material. The kids got to choose their colour, then it was spread on their hands and that was printed on the stencil protected material. Miss N really wanted to use her fingers more and get the paint from the tube herself, getting really into the process, and Mr C could not stop laughing. Mr B, as always, was covered and preferred to spread paint on the material instead of have it on his hand. We loved the varied ways they worked.

The afternoon was a bit itchy for us and tickly for the kids as we did hair cuts. The girls had a trim to neaten up, but the boys had army style cuts. Using the little shower chair went down really well and we managed to get more of the paint off in the shower too. A rather wet but fun time for all but Mr G. He was just out of sorts from lying on the mat in a bad posture for his arm. After showering, he was happier though and relating again to Anna.

I was so grateful for the help, as that combination of activities works well together, but doing it on my own is really draining.

Nicola Anderson


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