Pedro 5 Container Latest Update

There is some more news on the Pedro 5 container full of equipment sent to Thailand, which is at the port.

Nicola Anderson reports:

‘We are getting closer and the orphanage boss is talking about confirming the date of delivery by Wednesday this coming week. Please pray with us and watch this space for news and photos.’

Previous news from 14th September 2017 –

‘Container update again… two items of news in one day. The first one was this morning. The Department explained to me today that we do not need to be concerned about extra costs incurred due to the delay, because the Department will pay those themselves. Kind as it is, this made me uneasy that this would mean that we would continue not to see any progress in getting the container delivered.

This afternoon I finally found out who this paperwork was for and what the road block was. Due to the equipment having a medical element to it, they have had to run the lists past the Department of Human Health and Medicine for clearance too. These peopel are going through with a fine tooth comb and have asked for original papers and handwritten signatures. In their checks of every numerical detail, they found an error in the maths, so changes have to be made and re-submitted. This has been done now, so hopefully we are out of the grid lock. Ironically, I’ve received the ‘thank you for this kind donation’ letter already, even before the donation of all this equipment has left the port docks.

I’m hopeful to have some good news soon. I am definitely feeling better about the situation. Now  the waiting continues again.I’ll keep you posted and seek your continued prayers.’

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