Pedro Project

In 2009 we sent our first 20ft container of donated specialist equipment to Thailand. It involved lots of work collecting, sorting and cleaning the equipment which was sent to the orphanage that Nicola works in.

In 2010 we sent a second 20ft container but this time it went to one of the orphanages for older children and young people. Again, with lots of help and support we sent it off from  Morecambe  and it was gratefully received in Thailand.

2012 saw our third shipment go, but now we upsized to a 40ft container and with the help of a local haulage company and many volunteers, to again clean and load, the container went to a different orphanage for older children and young people.

For our fourth 40ft container in 2014, we joined forces with Physionet in Yorkshire. They send donated equipment to various countries around the world and helped us with this shipment. Again this went to one of the orphanages for older children and young people.  All the four orphanages that Nicola has contact with had now received a shipment and we did not plan anymore.

However God’s plan didn’t quite work out that way. We were offered quite a large amount of equipment free last September and so developed our fifth shipment which we expect to leave UK in May. We currently have equipment spread across three counties and hopefully will be getting all into one place for May. Offers of help to come and clean and wrap equipment as well as donations of good quality children’s and young people’s clothes are welcome as well as any specialist equipment that you might consider donating. Telephone 01524 388199

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