Pedro5 is away!

Our fifth shipment to the government orphanages has started its journey to Bangkok, Thailand. The container arrived about 8.30am on Saturday 3rd June 2017 in Heysham and loading started at 9.00am. We were finished by about 11.30am and it left on the first leg to Manchester. From there it will go by train to Felixstowe and then by sea to Thailand, hopefully arriving in about 6 weeks where Nicola will be sorting and distributing it to the orphanages.

This has been achieved with help from a lot of people and our thanks go to Mike Willetts and other members of Carnforth Rotary, Darren from Middleton Waste Transfer Station where the equipment has been stored and Tim and Big Dave from St Thomas’s Church, Lancaster.

Over the last 10 months equipment has been gathered from Physionet  in Yorkshire and Warrington Disability Partnership  and we thank them for their support in collecting and storing the equipment over these months. We also wish to thank individuals who have donated equipment no longer needed by family members and all those who have given their time to clean and shrink wrap the equipment ready for transporting.

It has been a tremendous effort by all those involved and will so bless the children and young people involved who will get to use it. Here are some pictures of the equipment we have sent.

Corner seat

Orange tricycle TMX T5

Pink Triton lieback pushchair

Ottobock wheelchair self propel 2


Feeder seat

Green tilt table R82 electric


Here is more equipment…



Here are some images from today…

Lots of space

Loading with a forklift truck

Waiting in line

Ready and waiting

Half already loaded

Tim inside

Lots outside

Nearly there

Last few bits

The Team


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