Pray for the health of Mr S

In recent months Mr S, who is the oldest of the children 1Step2Step support in Bann Feung Fah orphanage, has been having many health challenges. He has lost notable amounts of weight and was never really a big child to start with. He has always been a chesty child and struggled with food. He has been tube fed through a Nasal gastric tube for about two years now, as his swallowing got worse and worse. His seizures have increased and are presently more than one a week. 

To add to all this, he has a pressure sore on his ankle which was healing well and improved, but on Monday it was a bit swollen and now it’s got an infection, hot and red with marks showing up the leg and into the foot. It’s a big concern. 

We hope to take him for a private assessment that 1Step2Step will pay for to work out all the different issues that cause him challenges. Please pray that the Nurse and Social worker will approve this for us and we will get appointments with Doctors who can see his awareness and bright mind. Please keep him and his ankle and seizures in your thoughts and prayers. 

It’s hard to see him so weakened and less interested in his learning, because he used to have a great passion for play and cognitive activities, whereas now he is just too tired. Please pray the doctors will discover the causes if there are underlying things going on. Thank you all for the support.

Nicola Anderson



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