Prayer for 2018 projects

Seeking favour from the orphanage for projects for 2018. 

 1Step2Step has hopes for two large projects coming up for 2018 for which we are seeking permission from the orphanage bosses. We ask for your prayers that all aspects of these would be received with favour this week and that all the practicalities can be organised.

Tomorrow I will had in the letter about the next study tour which we hope will happen in April 2018 for seven orphanage staff (a mixture of nurses, ward mums and social workers) for 8 days, seeing different disabilities services in the north of England. The plan will be to see schools, colleges and hospitals, as well as hospice and sensory rooms. Our hope is that this will bring about open minds and new ideas to the staff who attend. 

One of the ward mums who came on the 2017 tour said today that ‘the visit changed her thinking about disabled children and helped her understand them better.’ She added that she thinks the trip would be good for any staff in the orphanage as it ‘helps them change their thinking about how to work’.  

The second big project is hoped to take place in mid-August with a team of volunteers from the UK (mainly staff from special needs schools) to come and help take the 1Step2Step children on holiday to the beach resort of HuaHin. We hope to spend four days in the disability accessible hotel we stayed at for the previous holiday, visit the water park again, the beach and mall this time and even take a stroll round the night market. This is no easy undertaking for our high needs children, but is invaluable for them. The holiday provides time away from the orphanage having one-to-one focused and loving attention and fun activities. 


Both of these projects take a lot of planning, both in the UK and in Thailand, as well as funding. They also need masses of trust and a strong relationship between 1Step2Step and the orphanage. We ask you to stand with us in prayer for these projects and all the smaller ones over the coming months. May the timing work out and the planning go smoothly. When things are not going so well, as can be the case when working with two different cultures, I seek your prayers for a cool heart and a clever head to find ways to work round any issues and find solutions. 

 We thank you you greatly for joining us in prayer for these projects and all the support you give us in many different ways. God bless you all.

Nicola Anderson


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  1. Praying for smooth planning and rewarding results from these two major events in our calendar this year.

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