Prayer request for a 1Step2Step friend

On the 1Step2Step 10th birthday celebration, volunteers joined local friends for a party with kids, activities, cakes, information about our life over the years and much joy. Two who attended that day were the newly engaged couple, Jenny and Phil Meier. Phil is a police officer and while at work, Phil and his colleagues were helping an elderly gentleman who had fallen on the bus. They were going to take him to hospital, when a man walking up the street attacked them. See the Evening Standard’s coverage of this:

Phil and Jenny have had to cancel a long awaited skiing holiday, as Phil will be having surgery on Monday to put plates into the eye socket. Please pray for a full and speedy recovery for Phil and for Jenny, who is a nurse, the strength to support him. Pray also that the pins and needles he is feeling in his face will subside and he will have no lasting effects and be able to work again after recovery.

Nicola Anderson

UPDATE – 17 January 2018

Phil’s wife, Jenny, says…”He is finally home, three plates and a few screws later. We are on the road to recovery. Thank you for everyone’s prayers. Phil is doing ok, just in pain. He was last on Monday’s surgery list, so had a hungry day, but now surgery is done without  any complications, he can get better. Please continue to pray the pins and needles goes completely. Praise God for the doctors’ skills.”



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