Prayer requests

Nicola Anderson has three prayer requests from Thailand.

1. Mr S has a follow up doctor’s appointment for his seizures in the morning. Pray he does well and the doctor understands him.

2. Miss K is representing the ward we work on in the Loy Kratong festival beauty competition tomorrow afternoon. Please pray she enjoys this and feels well and happy. Please pray that Mr S and I will make it back in time to cheer her on and that people see her loveliness too.

3. On Friday the visa department are coming to visit me at work to see what I do in order to sign my forms. Those will be submitted to immigration for my visa extension request for the next year. Please pray there is no kid crisis and the children are calm and keen to show their skills.

I’d be grateful for your prayers.

Nicola Anderson.


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  1. Prayers said. I hope all goes well.

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