Prayers for Mr C

In all the activity of hip surgery cases, Mr C seems to have felt left out. I had a day and morning when I didn’t take the kids out and when I got back at lunch time and said “Hi” to  Mr C, I noticed he was having a seizure in his face. The ward mums said he had already had one. He was very still in his body apart from his face and eyes and this is not like him at all. When it stopped, he was very limp and too still for Mr C. I took him to the nurse, as his colour was not right either. He started another seizure and then a break, and then another and had seven altogether. There didn’t seem to be a full stop to them, so off to the hospital we went. So much for my plan to work with the five on the ward and then head to Bangkok to visit Miss A!


The doctor assessed what he could see and heard from us and decided that Mr C should stay in for observation. At the point the doctor made his decision Mr C was sleeping, but when I said to him I needed to go to Miss A, he woke and perked up. The doctor still wanted him admitted, even though he has not had any seizures while at the hospital.

Please pray for Mr C. I was already stretching myself too thinly before he was admitted to another hospital that is hard to reach, but at least local. Pray he will be recovered soon and back on the ward, where I can see him with the others or that I can grab some time to go over to visit him as well.

Nicola Anderson.


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  1. Sunday when i saw Mr C at the hospital he was still out of it but we phoned his dad anyway. Today (tesuday) he was more like his wiggly self and some smiles and noises. Still not vocal for dad to hear on the phone when we called but much more interested. Hoping for a come home maybe. xx
    keep praying.

  2. Mr C has his personality back but still has a fever. Please pray for him to be well and sent home as i wont get over to that hospital to see him much once both the girls are in casts.

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