Quarantined and stuck inside again


Miss K is still on the sick ward due to wearing the cast. I was just getting into a routine of collecting her in the stroller and doing a morning or afternoon session and then back to the ward for bed or while I had lunch, when I got the news…

Some children on her ward have the yearly big flu and as there are more than one or two, the hospital has said to quarantine them on one side of the sick ward and keep the ones who don’t have the flu, but are living with them, in semi-quarantine. This means I can go in and work with Miss K, because she is not sick, but I can’t take her out. This is challenging as I’d just arranged with an orphanage physio that I would take her in the mornings and she would take her in the afternoons, so Miss K stays off her back. She has two 20-pence-piece size sores from the cast that she needs to avoid spending time on. Also the hospital physio said that for her skin alignment, she should be lying prone on her front to get that stretch, even while her legs are held by the cast. Also she should spend time sitting upright. That’s really hard as she does not have the stroller to use.

                     Allergies and flu virus

We are making do. She is sitting on me on the rolling chair and doing stretches for her arms. I position her prone and stay for a bit doing her hair or playing and then leave her like that and come back later. I feed her sitting upright and then put her prone again. I’ve no idea how much time she is getting off her back, but I’m doing what I can. She is still giving grumpy responses to questions and moaning at having to eat so much, but we battle on through as it will help her.


Prayers are welcome as it’s hard to be met with a sassy attitude when you’re having to be there in a face mask, all hot and sweaty round nose and mouth. Pray she will eat well also.

Thank you all.

Nicola Anderson.

Previous news about Miss K can be found on this link: Miss K has six hours of surgery

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  1. Sorry to hear she has this challenge to face now. Hope the cast will be removed soon and she can moved and positioned more easily.You can only do the best you can in the current situation for her.

  2. quarantine lifted and a cleaning day made it so it was helpful for miss K to spend the day at the normal ward. Thanks be to God that all the children are recovering and none passed away. Well done to all the staff who worked hard helping the fevery sickly little ones to full health.
    Miss K didnt get sick so thanks to God for that too.

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