Quiet understated massive blessings

On a regular basis, I come home from work and turn on my laptop to find an offer of support, in some way or another, from a sweet person from the Nichada community or the church within it.

Nichada Thani is a large expat gated community, with people of every nationality. They are mainly families posted in Thailand from different countries, working for different companies and embassies. Life in this community is somewhat affluent. Over the years, many sweet ladies have helped me in many ways, whether it’s volunteering weekly or for trips, comforting me in sadness, or feeding me spiritually or physically.

During this last couple of weeks for example…

Firstly, a lady willingly took on the task of turning our painted elephants into pillows, with her wonderful sewing skills. We shall have them for sale in due course.

Another offered to create weighted blankets for us. These help children calm their central nervous system and help my kids stay relaxed in a good posture. This offer will mean that I don’t have to be so regimented about which child is going in which piece of equipment at what time, because I can put a blanket on each child. They love them.

I’ve had 13 people offer to help with the Disney on Ice trip and one even offered to pay for food and bus costs.

Another lady, who is leaving Thailand, offered clothes from her children, which will not only be perfect for Disney on Ice, but also for the holiday for my group in August.


Mr C’s shoes for standing were giving up and falling apart. I was thinking I needed to get on with it and sort some new ones. I put a message on Facebook and within an hour, an offer came up for some for free. They are really great quality and stay on better than his old ones ever did.

One of the teachers in the ISB School is helping me with creating vacuum form plastic trays for the orphanage medication distribution system.

Through the NNR ladies we receive funds so we can buy needed items. They also, just this week, gave us a large I-pad (a real one, which had been donated) which I hope to load up with communication systems and games for the development of speech.

One lady is working on fixing the bunting we made for the Warrington living centre Disability Awareness Day. When the kids and I created it, we were rushing to a deadline, so it only lasted a day with the resources I had. But one of the ladies is using her whiz skills on the sewing machine to fix it for us.

Another lady had two lap tables that she remembered I was looking for a while back and offered me the ones her kids now don’t use. This is a sweet blessing of something not sold in Thailand, which is such a help.  On a few occasions, she has also helped me with postage of items from overseas. She has a postal address, which makes postage from the USA cheaper than sending items direct to the orphanage. This is a huge money saver.

One lady, who was still in the USA, was willing to collect umbrella strollers and to put them in their container to donate on its arrival. I had only met her once at church when she came for a visit to find a house and enrol her children in the school.

Finally, one lady who has not even arrived in Thailand yet, sent me the following message…

‘Hi Nicola: my family and I are looking forward to moving to Nichada this summer. I have seen a couple of your posts and would love to learn more about the work you do in and for these orphanages. I have a heart for this population and a background in paediatric therapy! If there is a way I can help serve please let me know. ‘

If this is not a massive blessing, I don’t know what is. I feel blessed by the friendships and the support more so than the items they give, because it’s that they wish to join and stand with me in the work. They see its worth and care about the little people I serve. Finally, I must state that all of this quiet support is totally God ordained provision. He sows the seed in my heart that I should be preparing this or seeking to further a child’s skills in that and then a week or so later he provides the means to do so.

Nicola Anderson

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  1. Wonderfully fullfilling news Nicola. So happy that so many wonderful people are willing to share their time and resources to support the work you do. So glad to hear about the weighted blankets as I have seen you having to make decisions about which to use with whom, when you only had a couple. Glad Mr C has new shoes.God is good.

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