Rewarded for movement with music


In the last couple of months, I have wished for a dance mat and then by God’s amazing grace and provision, one came up on the disability Facebook selling group of which I’m a member. I have bought quite a few items from there in the past. It seems to be that God is often quick to make things available that I have hopes for, which in turn enhance the children’s learning. Items I have never or rarely seen available pop up at second hand prices and blow my mind that GOD IS GOOD.


This time, it was perfect timing for the item to be posted to Lancaster and for John to be able to get it in his case. It is a giant floor keyboard, like in the movie ‘BIG’. You lie it on the floor and then walk on the keys to play music. My kids lie on it or run over it in their walkers, electric wheelchairs or even while standing in the stander. While Mr B was standing,  we nudged it across the keyboard and he made a scale and then rolled it back. He giggled and giggled and then anticipated it again. It was so much fun.

Miss N and Mr C wiggled about on it and both were even able to start the demo tunes. Miss N kept getting stuck on ‘Jingle Bells’ as she was lying on the B flat note.

One afternoon, I took the keyboard to share with the big kids, as they played on the patio. It was chaos, but much fun was had, jumping up and down and running around.

Such a worthwhile £8 spent. So grateful to the seller of this one.

God is good to us is he not?

Nicola Anderson

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