Sad times for Mr S and the end of his time at Bann Fueng Fah


Mr S’s health challenges have kept us on our toes over the last few months, with a final dramatic one, where he was rushed to hospital with a rising and falling pulse, followed by a seizure. He got to the usual hospital to be told the emergency room had been moved to the new building. We rushed in there in the afternoon about 3pm to find them set up but still moving boxes, clocks and even the fridge. Nebulizor, suction and IV meds were given. The nurse made us wait outside, leaving him on the trolley without anyone to watch him, which was really hard for the mumma bear nature I was feeling. I started to hover outside every 15 minutes and if that nurse left the room, I’d run in and position him on the bed and check he was calm before she came back.

Due to the fact he is now 15 years and 1 month old, the decision to admit him after 5 hours waiting meant he was sent to the new ward for Men. Yes, an adult ward. I was also asked to sign a DNR form, so that in case he got worse, they would not attempt to bring him back. He has had a draining time of it in recent years and his chest was never at ease, so although it felt kind to him to sign it, this was not an easy thing to do for a child I care for so much.

The equipment was too big and on the second and third days he had actually had the old NG tube put back in twice. After finding that they didn’t have any NG on the ward apart from grown adult ones and the children’s ward is still in the old building, I grabbed some from the orphanage to bring over. He had a profile bed, which was good to raise his head, but as it was for adults, we needed to improvise to get a good leg position.

He was in for a week and visiting him was challenging as there was not transport from the new building to the old or even to the main road, so on three occassions I was at the mercy of the kind security guards dropping me at the main road. One even drove me to the orphanage and back when there was an emergency of not having any milk powder for the next meal.


While this was going on, I was working out final preparations for the Huahin holiday and so I had to work out what to do if he was not healthy enough to come. I made a deal with God…. I would substitute a different child (one on my mind) if Mr S was not back on the ward by the Friday the volunteer team arrived. He came back on the Friday afternoon, but was not well and so stayed on the sick ward. Saturday he was not looking better enough to go and on the Monday, the choice was taken from me as he was not permitted to go.

Another challenge we were facing at the time with him was his age. His name was on the list to be moved to the older boys’ home as the social worker had not deemed him mentally aware enough to go to the home for physically disabled children. This transfer was to be the day before the holiday, right when the team were to be getting to know the needs and care systems for their children.

I asked directly if his transfer could be delayed until I was back from the Huahin beach trip with the others and this was granted.

Mr S stayed on the sick ward for the whole time we were away with the others and was off oxygen. He was managing everything, but still in need of suction two or three times a day before feeds. This gave me a slight window of time to get the other kids sorted back into normal life, get equipment from the holiday sorted and the volunteers shipped off to the airport or on travels.

Thursday this week the day came. I got him changed, cleaned up and dressed and in his chair. We did a feed and visited all his special friends: Pi Ang the nurse assistant, Pi Mew the former teacher on our ward who works in the office and Khun Tom who always joked and bantered with Mr S when he brought visitors round. We spent some time on our ward, cleaning his teeth, moisturizing his face and oiling up his dry skin, so he looked as presentable as possible.

Then it was time to head out. They said there was no car available so we walked round. He actually really enjoyed looking at the grounds and was really calm. He will be living on the sick ward because he is tube fed (a place with sad memories for me) which he didn’t mind. He saw a TV and that cars and motorbikes travel past the doors and the bed was bigger than he was used to. When the social workers were ready to leave they said I could stay if I wanted. I asked him if he wanted me to stay and he raised his hand when I said do you want me to leave you. He was ok and taking it all in his stride. I said I’d pop back that evening after work (in case he had not realised fully this was his new home) and he was fine then too. The only thing he wanted was the TV to be turned on and I explained that I don’t have that control there like I have in our ward.

Today I went to see him and he was sleeping; slightly more chesty, but ok in his nature. He was on an air mattress this time with a pillow under his head. He was vocal and smiling. I feel that his stay with the men in hospital has helped him realise he is older than those in Bann Feung Fah home now. I’m super proud of him and how he is coping. I gave him his tube feed at the request of the carer and he was good. We had a sit outside and looked at birds and he was good.

I will probably visit him all this week and a little less next week and keep reducing it gently. Life with the other kids is about to get manic as you’ll hear in other bloggs coming soon. I still want to be very sensitive to his needs and support him well. Presently I feel at peace about his transition and proud of how he is coping.

I credit this all to God, his power over the difficult circumstances. One of the favourite staff commented to me that he has a fragile nature and she thought he would struggle with the change… as did I and so I’m super pleased and put it down to God preparing his heart internally for this.

Praise be to God. Please continue to pray for Mr S in this move and maybe more so for me as I miss his banter and chatter while I work at Bann Feung Fah.

Nicola Anderson.


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  1. So glad he’s coping so well and his health is as stable as possible at present. Prays for you both.

  2. God bless Mr S in his new home. It has been so good to know him and folliw his progress. Thank you forcyoir care, Nicola

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