Sally’s first week in Thailand

 Sally Anderson is visiting Thailand and she reports on her first week.


It’s the end of the first week of my trip to Thailand, spending time with Nicola and the children at the orphanage and it has been a busy one. I think I am now over the jetlag that seemed to last several days this year and although hot and humid, the weather hasn’t been quite such an issue for me so far. Although I hate to say it, cycling to work has been quite a relaxing start to the day. It was lovely to see all the children again and to meet Miss K for the first time. The other children recognised me and smiled and engaged straight away. During the week, I went to A&E with Mr S, who was admitted to hospital, but fortunately came back two days later. The children have been delightful, showing new skills and trying hard with their exercises.

One morning, we took three children to bounce on the trampoline, to sounds of great hilarity, especially from Miss K. Another day we went to play on the new swing, which was funded by the family of Laura Whitehead, see previous news on December 21st 2017. Later in the week, an afternoon was spent buying large plastic boxes for all the wards and a wardrobe for one from a donation by a local charity. They were all gratefully received by the staff. It has also been good to meet staff who have visited the UK and those I have known over the years, even though we cannot communicate much, as my Thai is non-existent.

Next week, John will be joining us at work in the orphanage and I’m sure will have some interesting insights to share. Highlights of the week for me were seeing the welcoming smiles on the children’s faces when I arrived the first morning and seeing Mr S coming back to the ward, much better than when we took him the hospital.   

 Sally Anderson


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