Sally’s visit – week 2

So my second week here in Pakkret comes to a close and I feel so lucky to have shared most of the time with Nicola and the children and John’s company as well this week.

Monday saw four adults with the children, Nicola, John, Jessica (a volunteer who comes in on Monday  mornings to help Nicola) and myself, so the children got lots of attention. One activity the children all enjoyed was going in a black pop-up tent, filled with silver and gold foil survival blankets. As they moved, the foil rustled around them. Again, the swing came in useful for Mr. B and Mr S.


Tuesday continued for me with feeding Mr G,  who eats so well and played in good sitting and stretching positions.  It was a day filled with laughter and crying, happiness and frustration, when Nicola wants them to work hard. Nicola sets high expectations and the smiles and laughter, kisses and cuddles are worth the effort she demands of them. A quick trip to the nurse because Mr S’s pressure sore was infected ended the afternoon.

Wednesday for me was a day off and I slept, relaxed and then went for a long walk, taking some photos but enjoying the atmosphere of the local life. The day was good but I was glad to get back to the children on Thursday.

Friday it rained, not heavy or long downpours but enough to make the air humid. Mr Bean was a great favourite video to help motivate holding your head up to watch or a distraction from having to stretch when it’s hard.  Mr S had great fun and really tried hard to steer his electric wheelchair to knock down the skittles. He still goes round in circles sometimes, but you can see him trying to aim for them. All the children have had great moments of concentration and achieving good posture or stretches during the week. 


Highlights for me are Miss K playing in the tent and being covered with foil and squirming out of it, laughing all the time, working with Mr G on his stretching and catching clips of Mr S in his wheelchair.


As the children work so hard to improve the skills, I think I’ve done quite a bit of stretching and exercise myself and I’m sure my core strength has improved over the last two weeks.

The next two weeks will see us partly with the children on trips out and a meeting with the superintendent. On Wednesday, we go for a short holiday to Chiang Rai, returning next weekend, then some sightseeing for John and I in Bangkok. More updates on the children in a couple of weeks.

Sally Anderson



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