Seeking prayer for Miss N

Just before the holiday, the doctor who visits the orphanage changed Miss N’s meds to try to help reduce her spasticity and these have helped a bit. The difficulty is that, when she is given the medication, it is often not swallowed, but trickles back out of her mouth as she is lying down. In the weeks since the holiday, I’ve noticed a soreness round her mouth, particularly from the side of the lips towards the ears. As this is the direct path of the dribble, the ward mums think the new meds are the cause. We continue to try options, but I think a visit to the doctor may be needed.

I ask you to pray for her, as it’s worse when she is stressed and messy with her feeding and these go hand in hand. The skin is tight, dry, red and at times lumps come right up the checks. Please pray it heals up.


Nicola Anderson


3 Comments On “Seeking prayer for Miss N”

  1. Praying that a cure is found for this. I hope that she’s not in pain with it.

  2. Please pray for Miss N’s face and the medication as it’s not getting much better. Please pray i can speak to the right person and say the right things to get the medication changed to something better.

  3. Miss N face still struggling to recover. Today it was really read and her lips were chaffed. I was concerned so took her to the nurse and we decided to head to the doctors tomorrow. Please pray the doctor we get can help us get to the bottom of this and help miss N. If its the medication she is on causing it that we would find something a little more suitable. If its something strange i pray that they will move her on to a specialist. Please pray as this is stressing her out and making it hard to work with her in her high tone state.

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