Simple joys, but today Miss N is out of sorts

 Miss N has a tendency to be really motivated to play or really not, but to grump instead. Jessica, our volunteer, recently put it like this (regarding Miss N and Mr B), ‘They have behaviours that sabotage their successes and fun’. 

In the pictures below, she is motivated and engaged with her activity, unaware that she is getting a great stretch in her legs and working her arm muscles, by thinking about and doing a cause-and-effect activity. 

Miss N has always had a feisty nature, but when she is not like that, it’s rather concerning in a way. The less stroppy days are lovely, but the overly quiet ones are unsettling. Without the ability to say if she is sick, we have to take her nature and behaviours as the signs. 

Today she was not able to come out in the morning with the rest of the group, because she slept through the whole morning, Sally was checking often. 

In the afternoon, she was finally awake, so came out. At first she was sitting really well, but then it was clear her natural noisy impulsive nature was  missing. Placed in position, she just didn’t care to argue for attention or moan to be seen. She sat with droopy eyes and a quiet temperament. All who have met her would find this behaviour most unusual. 

As the session was ending, I noticed that she seemed subdued and her colour was a bit pale and I came to the conclusion that a trip to see the nurse was in order. Although they could not see any reason for the change, they kept her at the sick ward for observation. As it is Friday evening and I would not see her to check up on her the following day, I was happy with this decision. 

Please keep her in your prayers.

Nicola Anderson  

UPDATE – Monday 5 February 2018

Miss N stayed in sick ward till Sunday and on Monday we took her out with the rest of the group. She was still not herself, but she had some perky times and as before ate well. Anyone praying for her, please still continue to do so. Thank you.

Nicola Anderson

P.S. Here are some more old images of Miss N.







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  1. Soi she was perky yesterday but is back to poorly again today. Droopy but able to raise a smile when loved on. Keep her in your prayers. x

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