Siwanad’s funeral

Today (Thursday 23rd November 2017) was Siwanad’s funeral. It went off without a hitch. The flowers from 1Step2Step were simple and pure tones like Siwanad’s beautiful contented nature. Having friends there was a great help. Thanks to my local western long term missionary friends, Dorothy and Val, for coming. There was a lady from my work office who is a great support, two ward mums and one ward mum who recently retired as well. The Boys’ Home staff came and did the Buddhist merit making parts and then the monks did the chanting.

Today another child was also cremated, but she was from the Girls’ Home. Her family were in attendance and her coffin was rather grand. Siwanad’s was simple and appropriate in size. The orphanage wrapped him in a super-soft blanket we had bought which was grey with faint love hearts on. He didn’t go in style but he did have comfort. Siwanad always loved being on clean soft sheets.

Thank you to all who prayed for strength today… I really felt it and was able to remember the beautiful times with him.

Nicola Anderson

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