Small successes

The kiddos some days succeed and other days don’t manage to perform their skills due to so many reasons. Sometimes they don’t manage to swallow their medication before it dribbles back out. Sometimes they are too hot or too cold. Sometimes something has bothered them or they are not feeling that well. 

On the flip side sometimes I can get them well positioned and they have enough distraction or interest to help them succeed. 

Mr B, the other day, balanced on the peanut ball all by himself without touching the floor. The ball was between the two mats and he sat upright and focused on balance for about ten minutes.

Mr S, who struggles with his tone and weakened muscles, was able to lie prone on the trampoline a few weeks back with his weight on his forearms, while watching cars, even with the motion of the trampoline. He was so proud of himself. 

Mr G has greater head control recently when his arms are relaxed. Also when sitting crossed legged and sometimes even straight legged, he is holding his elbows in a relaxed position. Naturally his elbows go into hyper tone when they straighten past straight into a position past the average range of motion. He also the other day sat on the block in the ToGo seat for bowling and kept his balance. 

Miss K sat crossed legged the other day, without being held at all, for about ten to fifteen minutes, with only the odd nudge back into alignment correction. She knows she has to focus to do this and almost takes up the challenge, when she is in the right mood, with not too much interaction, but with enough praise. 

Miss N is working well in many positions, when in the right frame of mind. She continues to choose the spoon on her communication board first every time. Sadly I fail to use it sometimes, because life with the others is just so manic. 

Mr C has been using the standing frame and I’m seeing his involuntary leg movements reducing at times. He is also resting more calmly in his bed when in the ward, with less of the wild involuntary movements of before. He did have a blip day last week and I feared the effects being long lasting, but he seems to be well again now. For him, a calm boy makes for a happy boy (and a happy Nicola too).

Nicola Anderson


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