Supporting an adoptee as he visits the orphanage again


Friends from England returned to Thailand with their adopted son and younger daughter just recently and it was great to meet them for a meal at the weekend and then be a support on the Tuesday. The family used to be volunteers here in Thailand before and we were close. When they went back to England after the adoption was complete, we kept in touch but didn’t get chance to meet up. We had a lovely meal where I met the youngest and saw pictures of the son’s school and the fun he has learning there. Seeing him writing and spelling was just lovely. After our meal in a place he remembered well, we travelled in a taxi together. Mum signed to the child that on Tuesday he was visiting the orphanage (which got a marked reaction) and then she added, ‘so you’ll see Nicola there, as she will help us’. This also got a big reaction, but of a significantly more positive feel. He signed back, ‘OK see you Tuesday’.


On the Tuesday, Miss K, Mr B and I met them in the front office. We walked them to see the social worker and he remembered many things and many people. He saw photos of his adoption day that the orphanage had kept on file and he introduced them to his little sister.


We then visited the ward he lived on and he gave out some sweets to the children and saw the carers. Many remembered him. We went to find his teacher from when he was here and that was a sweet exchange.


This was a lot for him to take in but he did really well. The family head back to England after a few more visits with friends and continue their studies at Bible College with the hope of maybe being missionaries in Thailand in the future.

Please pray that this visit will have been a positive step in his development and that the whole family enjoy the rest of their stay. God bless and help them follow God’s good perfect plan for their lives. I’m so thankful to be able to support them in this way and for their friendship.

Nicola Anderson

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