Sweet compassion

Mr B had already got dressed with socks and shoes on and was just playing a little. I got out Mr C from the ward and started to get him dressed. I’d changed his nappy, put on his t-shirt and was just completing his shorts when I turned to see Mr B holding a sock and looking at Mr C’s foot. Then I put the sock on and said that he needed another one and described the colour – white with grey sole – and Mr B shuffles off to the basket. I carry on wiping Mr C’s face and there is Mr B carrying a white sock with grey sole. He gives it to me and I put it on Mr C’s other foot and he is happy. It was not the warmest of days and I only had the fans on low to blow away the mosquitos, so it’s true that Mr C did have cold feet. This was such a sweet moment that I felt it needed to be noted. 

The sweet compassion demonstrated here shows me that Mr B is more aware and concerned for others than his impulsive demanding days make you think. In the past there have been moments when I’ve asked him to throw a nappy away for me or hold someone’s hand so they stay sitting upright while I grab a dribble cloth and he has. When he does these things, love and hugs and words of praise flow. However when he is in an overwhelmingly defiant mood, it can be draining, but I will come back to the memory of this in those times. Such a sweetheart.

Nicola Anderson 



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  1. That is so lovely. Your love is obviously catching. Or the Source is working in Mr B’s heart. And / or!

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