Been, learnt and returned

Well it’s over a week later and what a week it has been! The visitors were blessed with both loving and encouraging mothers who made the study tour great with wonderful hospitality and adding to it with wonderful trips. On many days the visitors had been for walks before 9 am and often had honest…

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Day 1 at Bann Fueng Fah orphanage

This morning Facebook said, “Good morning, John! Clouds are clearing today in Pak Kret. Enjoy the sunshine!” Excuse my doubts but apart from seeing it above the clouds yesterday, I haven’t seen the sun since I left England! But on my first morning in Pak Kret, I’m about to say, in just a few minutes,…

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Prayer for 2018 projects

Seeking favour from the orphanage for projects for 2018.   1Step2Step has hopes for two large projects coming up for 2018 for which we are seeking permission from the orphanage bosses. We ask for your prayers that all aspects of these would be received with favour this week and that all the practicalities can be organised. Tomorrow I…

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