Thailand update

25th August 2017 – Here’s another update from Nicola Anderson in Thailand:

“The orphanage has seven wards containing children of similar disabilities and ages. In five of the seven wards, the children have had immunization for flu, but two wards have not yet been included. One of those is the ward I work on. To try and prevent the flu being shared, the children have to stay in their wards for ten days.

We seek your prayers that those who have flu or have had the injection will be well and strong soon and that those who have not yet had the injection will stay strong, not get the flu and that they also will be strong once they have had the injection. Also pray for any children who want to get out and about will cope well in the ten days and not notice they are restricted.

Thankfully we had a busy time out and about at the end of last week and at the beginning of this week. We used the trampolines, watched traffic at the gate, swam and went to get post from the office.

Please pray also for Mr S. Today he ate well by spoon and I’m praying that this will be the first day of getting back to not being NG tube fed. Please pray for confidence that his swallowing is ok.

Thanks for praying.”


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