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Nicola Anderson was in the UK until mid-June 2017, helping to host the latest Disability Awareness Tour amongst other things. Here is her update after her return to Thailand…

On arrival back to Thailand and Bann Feung Fah the children all seemed well, three of whom giggled with glee knowing they would be going out again and two of whom needed a short cry to show they didn’t like being left. The first full day working, a music group came in for the children in the morning which they loved. One was so impressed with the experience that seizures meant he had to go to the nurse. He had a day on the sick ward. We have one new pressure sore which is only surface level and thanks to donations that came in the suitcase, it’s treatable and healing up well. He had lost some weight and has a weakness about him. With every day he rallies and engages a little quicker with tasks. He is getting his personality back gradually. The nurse gave me a scare saying this young man was moving to a different orphanage this week just gone, but it seems she was asking not saying – the joys of “lost in translation”.  So far all are on the ward as expected and no one has said they are moving as yet. 


Most of the group are relishing in the time playing and although more stiff, they are well in spirits. One of the ward mums has stepped into the role of primary caregiver while i was away for my boy with attitude and now he spends less time in the cot. He has gained weight and is drinking more. He has his moments as always but I’m seeing in his walking greater balance and direction control. 

I have popped in on my boy who is in the nurses’ ward in the older boys’ home and he is doing ok. The wounds are healthy-looking and in the healing process. A new stock of internal packing has been a blessing to carry that on. 

I’m praying for the children to work towards achieving new goals and that they will continue to want to succeed. I’m praying also for energy and wisdom when thinking on what tasks to work on most. Thank you all for your prayers, as on leaving the UK I always have much apprehension about the children’s condition and how to motivate staff without offending them. I’m often nervous in maintaining that balancing act. Thank you again for the care and support. 

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  1. Great to hear that they are all well and you are coping with the transition back to the heat and routines again.

  2. So good to see you are able to lie down on the job! Those smiles must do the children good, so keep it up. Though you are so far away in terms of miles, the children, staff and you are in my prayers. God bless you all.

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