They are on their way

Our group of seven Thai delegates are on their way by plane via Dubai to Manchester.


They have had meetings with our new boss and at the Department of Empowerment of Disabled People with the Director General. I received photos of them at the airport this morning which would have been their tonight. Your prayers are greatly appreciated as they venture on their first ever flights out of Asia. Please pray for me too as I go to Manchester airport tomorrow morning to collect them and pray for us all in this exciting and jam-packed week of learning.


Thankyou to all who have offered their help in being hands and feet practically, as well as those lifting us up in prayer for this Disability Awareness Tour (DAT). Although it’s the 6th of these study tours we have done, they are always so very different. Let’s pray that this is the best yet for the impact it manages to make.


Nicola Anderson


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