This week in Thailand

Nicola Anderson reports:

As we continue to wait for the container full of equipment sent from the UK, I notice how some of the children have recently become easier to work with. Whether it’s that their movements have slowed, their core strength improved or they are just more able to follow directions… whatever it is, it’s a true joy.

They truly are little superheroes. It makes working with them so much easier when they try harder, complain less and hold their posture better. All I can say is ‘Thanks be to God’. May their good health and happiness continue.

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  1. Mr.B is picking up thrown toys without complaint and putting them in the bag. Before he would have refused thrown himself around, sat down or thrown the toy again once picked up. He has also twice put rubbish in the bin with only verbal directions and a point to the bin. Don’t worry the personality is still there, not a robot my any means. He still has the mischievous streak we love… but don’t tell him that. x

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