Trying to give one to one time

Trying to give one to one time…. and I realise I’m working on shifting sand.

Today I aimed to take each child one at a time and do an activity or get out to love them, one to one. I planned to start with Miss K and we went to get her to go to the trampoline and play some on it.

Before that could happen Mr C had a seizure but came out of it ok and into a resting sleep. Then Mr S was in need of assistance too.

So back to Miss K. She was in a mess from a nappy malfunction so a shower was required first. Sorting her out with the help of a ward mum (who went to get the shower chair straight away, which warmed my heart) and got her dressed and in the chair. We had fun but within that she worked really hard on her head control and moving her arms. She loved rolling the rain maker around:


We then headed back to play on the swing. At this point, I planned the switch of the child. Got Mr S sorted and he joined her on the swing. We played with slinkies and spiky balls and vocalized up a storm. Then Miss K went back to the ward and Mr S and I went to do his suction, watch traffic, say Hi to his favourite person in the office and then back to the ward to have a rest over the peanut ball. For him it was about choice and conversation.

This is when the next switch was made. Mr G came out but not much of the morning was left. We did his stretching well and some play on the mat on the ward patio. Mr S went into the ward, as he was tired from all the stimulation. Mr B brought himself out. Had a freshen up and free play with Mr G while I ate my lunch.

Mr G


Then Mr B went back in for his milk and I fed Mr G his blended noodle lunch. He then went in the stander while I fed Miss N. She was a  bit out of sorts.

Mr G was in a grump so I got him and her sorted and went for a walk. Both were grumps so we didn’t manage to trampoline but walked round the back areas of the home. They both calmed but, as we walked back, I noticed Miss N’s expression was not quite right and a muscle in her lip was twitching. I checked in with the nurse, asking if she knew her to be epileptic and she said Miss N has never had seizures before.

We walked back and Mr G went back in the ward and fell asleep. Miss N stayed out and did her strengthening with me and some front lying, with me observing her more carefully. We did some gentle sitting on the ball when I noticed her nose bleeding. I was able to get ice on that and it stopped.

Mr C came out at this point and was dressed etc and ok. Most days, the standing frame has been good with him but yesterday he was struggling in all positions. Today, I aimed to get time to sit with him and bounce on the ball with him, to soften his tone. He has recently been very twirly in his movements and I wonder if he has grown so his meds are not capping his spasms as much. The standing frame has been good but yesterday he was struggling in all positions.

At this point Miss N went into her first full on seizure and the nurse assistant, who happened to be around at the moment it was happening, and I agreed she needed to go to the nurse, especially as it was about to rain and this could well have been the second. She didn’t come round as well as I hoped either.

So off to the nurse we go. She ends up staying in for observation but was so drowsy she didn’t care I was leaving.

Back to Mr C – the ward mums had been keeping an eye on for me but he had already been taken back inside. He will need to get out and do lots of time on Monday as he missed out today, but it could not be helped.

Mr B then came out for a little while. Not able to get him to focus on structured games so late in the day; we did some bonding activities and intensive interaction stuff. Time had got the better of me today, so his activities were helping me put stuff away, carrying the laundry and rubbish bin to be emptied and putting the mats, peanut ball and cushions away. Sometimes he was really helpful and sometimes he slowed and messed around. One thing I know for sure. He was loving it, with giggles and beaming smiles:


So all in all, 5 of the 6 children got some one-on-one time but the earlier I saw them in the day, the more quality there was in the time.

So that was 3 seizures, 1 nose bleed, 1 suction, 1 admission to sick ward and 1 shower down. All I can say to all of this is…. NO DAY IS EVER THE SAME WITH THESE KIDDOS

Please pray:

  • that Miss N doesn’t have any more seizures.
  • for Mr C to have an easier time with his movement and me to have wisdom about asking for a medication review or not. Pray also for him that he gets my quality time on Monday.
  • for Mr B and Mr G to grow in patience.
  • for Mr S to gain weight and stay well in the lead up to the holiday.

Also a side note:
Please pray for a little boy in the ward. He is very high tone and in continuous discomfort with spasms so high that he is shaking vigorously and getting worse and worse posture. Please pray peace over his muscles and calmness in his heart. I ask for wisdom in how to assist him, if there is anything good to do. He often joins us for DVD days but so few positions are comfortable for him presently, I don’t even think he would enjoy that now.

Nicola Anderson

Thank you for praying and thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers.

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