Update on Mr S

Although still chesty and permitted less milk than usual, Mr S is still upbeat emotionally. He is happiest when playing racing cars on the I-pad. He has a slinky and a mobile hanging down to pull and shake and is interacting well with staff. Yet his breathing is still laboured and his heart rate is fast.

I’ve been to see him every day until yesterday, spending up to two hours with him. He is chirpy and chipper and accepts when I say I need to go.

I didn’t go yesterday, because I woke with neck and back pain. There was some swelling and lifting my arm above shoulder height hurt, so I took the day off from all but essential lifting. I had NNR (a local charity) visiting the home to understand how they can help better, so I did their tour. Their visit made it on to the orphanage’s website.

Also I got information from ward mums about the Disney on Ice children for this year and checked on how the safety floor creation was going. One of the joys of working with medical professionals is that there is access to cool packs and wearing one is not abnormal. On these days, I get time to spend talking with staff, popping in and engaging with others.

Mr B does not enjoy these days at all, but if I can ease the pain before it worsens, then his disappointment will be reduced, as it will only be a day or two affected and not a week. I’m not going to visit Mr S, so he will have to face that disappointment today. My neck is hurting less, so it was worth it.

Nicola Anderson

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  1. Get better so that you can enjoy being with the children pain free and able to work profitably with them.

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