Update on PEDRO 5

23rd August 2017 – More news from Nicola Anderson about the progress of the latest container load of equipment for the orphanages in Thailand:

The Team

“News in today on the Container……there were a few mix ups with it being our first shipment with this department. It seems that they are still working on customs clearance, but that all the papers have gone. THAT’S THE FIRST PRAYER NEED: PLEASE PRAY IT GETS FULLY CLEARED.

Secondly the department didn’t realise that we would be paying the costs, so they were working out the cheapest way. One way to try to save money was that they would not send the container to the orphanage, but get the orphanages to collect the contents from the shipping place in vans. I’ve explained that there are very many reasons why that’s not a good idea and so they have managed to get the shipping people to confirm that they will bring the container to the orphanage for unpacking. 1STEP2STEP will pay for these costs. THIS IS THE SECOND PRAYER REQUEST… THAT THE CONTAINER WILL COME BEFORE THE COST IS WAY OVER OUR BUDGET.

So we continue to wait and pray.”


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