Visit to Bann Feung Fah orphanage in Thailand

Oh to see first hand what Nicola is doing. That was my thought last year, once I heard what 1Step2Step is doing at Bann Feung Fah orphanage, writes John Slee, now 1Step2Step treasurer.

Manchester airport

(By the way, just in case you’re wondering, like all 1Step2Step volunteers, I pay for my own flights. All donations go towards the work with the children in Thailand.)

It seems like years ago that I first encountered the charity but it was only a year ago at St Thomas’s church’s Mission Sunday.

Manchester to Dubai

Now I’m high (36,984 feet to be exact) over some snow-capped East European mountains and rolls of cotton wool clouds, en route to my first stopping off point: Dubai.

Snow-capped mountains

Then it will be Hong Kong for a few days of acclimatisation and time to get over any long haul jet lag, before I join Nicola’s Mum, Sally, on this year’s trustees’ visit.

Sadly, the wonders of 21st century technology (in-flight wifi) allow me to hear sad news, among the good, from Pakkred (not possible the last time I flew internationally – in the last millennium! ).

Window view


Sally and Nicola had to accompany one of the children, “Mr S”, to the hospital after a seizure. I hope tomorrow evening will bring better news after Nicola’s visit – though, of course, we hope and pray he’ll be back home sooner than that. Your prayers would be appreciated.

Ah yes, Hong Kong. Did I say acclimatisation? It’s having a very cold spell at the moment. I’ve landed with a “maximum temperature of 12°C – feels like 8°C”! Still, that is warmer than the UK- just.😊 I’ve temperatures in the 30s to look forward to in Thailand, not to mention the humidity. (I said not to mention the humidity😄)

View from Hong Kong hotel

Well, that’s an introductory post to hopefully whet your appetite. I’ll try to give you an insight into my visit, from time to time. Time to be a tourist. …


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  1. WOW!!!!! Cant wait to see more pix and hear more!!

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